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Merry Christmas from TVNZ

Tis the season for relaxation, a break from the routine, time with friends and family and hopefully some laughs.  We thought we would kick off the giggles with some of our favourite calls into TVNZ from our treasured viewers. 

Hope you enjoy our Phone Log LOL’s as much as we enjoy receiving them.

Have a very merry Christmas, a safe holiday and a prosperous 2020 from all of us at TVNZ.

Shortland Street Open Day

Seven thousand fans received a tour through the Shortland Street set during the first ever open day on 28th September 2019. It proved to be very popular, with queues running several kilometres. Fans were determined to get a tour of the set and meet their favourite stars, such as TK, Harper Whitley, Esther Samuels and Chris Warner. Fans travelled from all over the country, with some die hard fans coming all the way from Australia!