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May is about to become more bricktastic with LEGO® Masters NZ!

24 April 2022

Things are about to get more colourful on TVNZ 2 with the premiere of New Zealand’s very own LEGO® Masters on Monday 9 May, 7:30pm.

Hosted by Dai Henwood, the hit global format will see teams of two put through their paces in a series of challenges designed to put their LEGO building skills and imagination to the test. With the premiere next month, TVNZ can confirm the following builders from across Aotearoa will be competing for the title of LEGO Master.

Those hoping to build their way to the top are:

  • Father and daughter, Andrew (49) and Georgie Palmer (19), Māpua and Dunedin 
  • Mums, Emily Fryer (41) and Sarah Mosley (40), Christchurch
  • LEGO mates, Glenn Knight (45) and Jake Roos (43), Pahiatua and Kāpiti
  • Married couple, Amy (38) and Adam (41) Richards, Christchurch
  • Flatmates, Emily Laing (28) and Liam Hagenson (30), Southland and Pukekohe
  • Brick buddies, Jonathan Samson (44) and Daniel Mulholland (46), Gisborne and Upper Hutt 

LEGO Certified Professional, and LEGO Masters NZ’s very own Brickmaster Robin Sather has been overwhelmingly impressed with the builds this season: “Kiwis love their LEGO bricks! Aotearoa is home to some of most extreme fans I've ever met, as well as many talented, world-class builders. I can't wait to show you how amazing they are!"

“This show has been such a buzz to work on,” echoes Henwood.

“All the teams are great people on and off set. They joke around, share stories all while building A+++ LEGO creations.”

Over two nights a week, the series will deliver entertainment, humour, and some heart-stopping moments, with the contestants showcasing their passion for building.

Mātanga Pereki, Brickmaster Robin Sather will be testing our teams with brand-new challenges, as they’re asked to create awe-inspiring LEGO structures, working against each other and the clock.

Who will take home the title of LEGO Master and the epic prize from The Warehouse and brand-new wheels from FIAT?

LEGO Masters NZ brightens up your screen, Monday 9 May, 7:30pm on TVNZ 2.