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ThinkTV and Nielsen announce streaming meters

21st August 2020

Nielsen and ThinkTV New Zealand are excited to confirm the first step is being taken to measure television audiences across multiple platforms, screens and devices.  

Planned to start this October, 500 streaming meters will be rolled out across the existing Nielsen Television Audience Measurement (TAM) panel over a period of 12 to 18 months. This enhancement, in the coming year, will include a measure of viewing to all internet-enabled devices in the household in addition to linear TV viewing.   


For the first time, the measurement will show how many people and how much time is being spent on Broadcaster Video on Demand sites and measure viewing of other video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. Ultimately, the introduction of streaming meters to the Nielsen TAM panel provides the foundation for a total content view for broadcasters.  



Tony Boyte, Nielsen’s Executive Director: 

The introduction of a streaming meter measurement to the Nielsen TAM Panel is a major milestone for the New Zealand Media Industry. This technology provides transparency in the measurement of video streaming for broadcasters allowing them to more effectively monetise their content in the future. We’re excited to partner with NZ broadcasters in being one of the first countries around the world to be introducing this new measurement technology.  


Jonathan Symons, Marketing Director, TVNZ:

We’re thrilled to be part of the NZ TV industry that’s bringing streaming meters into the Nielsen panel.  We’re seeing significant growth in all things streaming from simulcasting to catch up content to exclusive to OnDemand viewing – and streaming meters are a big step to us further understanding the dynamics of overall broadcast TV and online viewing. Bring it on. 


Glen Kyne, Commercial Director, MediaWorks:

We have all seen television audiences flourish this year; however we also know that our audience is not only watching on the screen, but consuming our great content across all connected devices. For too long, the traditional linear only audience measurement has not reflected the reality of how our audiences engage with us. It's now time for the industry to unlock the scale of the audiences we serve, no matter how they consume our content, and add value back to the industry by bringing insight and intelligence to our total viewing audience. This is the first step and we are excited to shortly bring you these additional insights to show that television is the most effective platform in driving ROI for our advertisers. 


Steve Bayliss, Chief Creative Officer, Sky 

As SKY progresses on our goal to accelerate our streaming services offer to best meet the changing needs of our customers, it is a very exciting development to have Nielsen, our viewership measurement partner, join us on the journey.