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Targeted FMCG

Campaign Purpose

This was a targeted FMCG sales campaign using a range of targeted media in addition to broadcast TV

Media Channels

 TV, Online Video, Print (Magazines) Social Media, Digital Display eDM, PR

Campaign Recognition


Key insights:

  • TV built a strong level of broad awareness early in the campaign enabling targeted channels to develop the message via additional frequency and deeper messaging.  
  • The targeted channels of print, social media and online video were very cost effective in delivering increased awareness; their reach is however limited, and even amongst current category users TV achieved the greatest share of awareness.  
  • The targeted channels excelled in delivering the key brand messages of the campaign amongst current category users; TV however was the only channel which had an impact on share of purchases.  
  • Multiple channels almost always deliver stronger brand impact, and TV worked particularly well with the very targeted social media and print channels to drive improvements greater than either channel in isolation. 


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