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TVNZ Ratecard & Key Dates

Nielsen has reported that some non-linear data is being attributed to linear audience ratings data. While Nielsen seeks to address this, we continue to use Nielsen data as the industry’s measure of television audiences.
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Please contact your TVNZ Business Manager to check out the latest Ratecard and Planit reports

July - September 2024

Key Ratecard Dates

Schedule Release: Monday 29/04/2024

Booking Deadline: Midday, Friday 10/05/2024

Cancellation (Calendar Month):

  • July: Friday 24/05/2024
  • August: Friday 14/06/2024
  • September: Friday 12/07/2024

April - June 2024

Key Ratecard Dates

Schedule Release: Wednesday 07/02/2024

Booking Deadline: Midday, Wednesday 21/02/2024

Cancellation (Calendar Month):

  • April: Wednesday 08/03/2024
  • May: Friday 15/03/2024
  • June: Friday 12/04/2024