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As leaders of online television in New Zealand, we will always look to push the parameters of what’s possible for both consumers and advertisers in the online landscape.

TVNZ is home to NZ’s #1 BVOD platform; TVNZ+ and NZ’s most trusted news source; 1 News online. It is also home to youth-focused channel Re: which caters to audiences that are under-served in mainstream news. 

TVNZ+ houses the biggest and boldest international content from around the world, progressive and exciting new local shows and all the best content from TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ DUKE whenever and wherever you want it. It’s a brand-safe environment featuring professionally produced content, with a constant focus on the user, the ad experience and the low ad load.

We are continuously innovating and working to create new and exciting ways for advertisers to connect with our audiences. Our partnership with Innovid has allowed us to bring even more innovative ad solutions to market – most recently we were the first in the APAC market to launch Interactive CTV.

With so many ways to watch, connecting with consumers with TVNZ is effortless.


When you choose to advertise digitally with TVNZ, you can trust that your advertising will appear alongside professionally produced, high-quality content in a brand-safe environment. 

To learn more about why should you advertise on TVNZ+:


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TVNZ+ presentations

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TVNZ Digital Solutions 

From standard ad formats to custom solutions, TVNZ has a range of digital solutions available to suit your brand's needs. Whether it be an in-stream video, display ad unit, an advanced video format or show sponsorship, we can help your brand to stand out from the crowd.


Range of custom content and sponsored content opportunities available. Contact us for more info.

Ways to buy

However you want to buy TVNZ digital inventory, we’re here to help.

There are two ways you can go about planning your digital campaign:


All commercial TVNZ digital inventory/formats can be accessed when you book direct with TVNZ. When booking direct manages the implementation and delivery of your campaign.



Almost all TVNZ inventory/formats can be bought programmatically through most Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). We support different deal types including Programmatic Guaranteed, Unreserved Fixed Rate and Private Market Place deals with the goal of making the trading process as easy as possible for buyers.


All TVNZ digital advertising is measurable, offering advertisers clarity around ad performance. TVNZ measurement is available for direct and programmatic campaigns.

NEW: TVNZ Open Measurement can measure viewability and invalid traffic with third-party verification on mobile apps. 

To learn more about Open Measurement


When you advertise across TVNZ digital channels, you have the option to apply relevant targeting to your campaign to reach your desired audience:


When a viewer signs up to TVNZ+we collect some first-party data so that you can target the correct audience for your brand or product. We can target based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Show 
  • Genre
  • Device
  • And we can even target a viewer by what time of day they are watching! 


1News online

When someone is using 1News online, we have the ability to target by: 

  • Region
  • Time 
  • Topic
  • Device


TVNZ+ Live Stream 

On TVNZ+ you also have the option for your ad to be dynamically placed into a TVNZ+ live stream based on viewer attributes.

To learn more about Dynamic Ad Insertion 


For more information or advice on planning and buying digital 

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