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Campaign Purpose

 This was a telecommunications mass audience campaign to drive sales

Media Channels

Broadcast TV, Online Video, Cinema, Social Media, Digital Display, Billboard/Ad Shells, Bus Backs

Campaign Recognition


Key insights:

  • The campaign achieved a phenomenal level of recognition, with more New Zealanders aware of the campaign than any other campaign in the TVNZ AdEffect series. 
  • TV OnDemand had the strongest impact on expanding the reach of Broadcast TV – even among younger consumers. 
  • Online video consistently delivered a strong impact for the campaign across all levels of KPIs, while Broadcast TV was the most effective in generating additional interest and driving specific actions. 
  • Creatively, the campaign was unique, but because there could’ve been more consistency between the video and non-video elements, it reduced the campaign’s ability to deliver a positive long-term brand benefit.


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