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TVNZ OnDemand Summary

Campaign Purpose

To understand the correlation in reach growth on OnDemand with effectiveness

Media Channels

Broadcast TV, Online Video, Digital Display, Radio, Print, Press, OOH, Social Media


Analysing data from 10 studies conducted over the past 5 years

Key insights:

  • 5 years of robust analysis shows the impact of BVOD across the campaigns grew significantly compared with other channels. 
  • As TVNZ OnDemand weekly reach has grown, so has its ability to deliver more incremental reach to a campaign. 
  • BVOD works far harder than YouTube, giving more awareness from fewer impressions. 
  • It’s proven that BVOD advertising drives attention and sales. 
  • The studies also showed that when combined with broadcast TV, BVOD proves to be a valuable media choice to get the most incremental reach. 
  • BVOD extends the reach of Broadcast TV across ALL demos and proves to be extremely valuable in getting those so-called ‘hard-to-reach’ youth audiences. 
  • The audio visual combination of broadcast TV and TVNZ OnDemand provides superior brand-building potential. 
  • When combined, broadcast TV and TVNZ OnDemand drive greater impact on targeted brand perceptions as well as specific actions 
  • And with TVNZ OnDemand being the biggest BVOD player in NZ, when paired with TVNZ broadcast TV it’s the combo that works the hardest for your campaign. 


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