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Food Category Case Study


Planning a weekly menu and putting together a shopping list is an uninspiring chore for many Kiwi households. Our advertiser was competing in a cluttered market and needed to achieve stand-out in a congested TV environment. They needed an idea and creative execution that would encourage consumers to revaluate their value proposition.


The creative solution was delivered as a premium longform ad, filmed doco style and a little rough around the edges to maintain an authentic and personal feel. Balanced with close-up shots of our advertiser’s product offering with key talent carefully selected to resonate with a household audience. It was delivered to market as 60” TVCs that integrated with TVNZ promo assets along with 15” cutdowns.


TVNZ Blacksand was chosen as the ideal partner to take this from concept to reality. Their mix of strategic thinking and creative expertise brought the campaign to life, by using the most effective form of visual storytelling as a means of communicating the benefi ts of their offering. TV and BVOD led this execution. The goal was to deliver cost-effi cient mass reach and awareness for the campaign. The channels selected to best achieve this was TVNZ broadcast TV and BVOD with placement centred around tentpole content for their target audience.