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Sponsorship Case Studies

tvnz2 dance peak

Deadpool 2

How do you make the New Zealand public aware that the 'Merc with the mouth' is back in a sequal? You let him hijack TVNZ!

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TGKBO showtile


How do you re-launch a well established brand in a declining market? You re-ignite the joy of baking moments!

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How do you launch a new ‘Non-Usual’ brand positioning? Use expressive individuals who do interesting things on the main stage!  

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Layer 2


Five Tastes is in competition with brands who have over 100 years of history. So how do you make them stand out?

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Oat the goat

Ministry of Education

How do you empower bystanders to take action against bullying? You let the bystanders influence the outcome. 

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