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Chelsea and The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Beginner bakers engaged


of the audience were novice 

Leadership over home brands

First choice consideration was


higher than nearest competitor 

High awareness achieved


viewers were aware of the partnership

How do you re-launch a well established brand in a declining market? You re-ignite the joy of baking moments!


Chelsea was a well-established and trusted brand, but sugar consumption and sales were declining.  While health and wellness trends contributed, increasing competition from home brands and retailers were also driving consumer prices down, positioning Chelsea at a premium.  Consumers didn’t see value in paying more… 

The Brief: 

Re-establish the value perception by showcasing Chelsea’s wide new range of high-quality products to suit any baking need. 


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Home baking remained popular in families with primary and secondary aged children as well as the household shoppers’ group (25-55), however wasn’t frequent. We knew confident bakers used premium products to get the best result, but non-confident bakers didn’t see any value and price was a key barrier.


Reignite the joy of baking moments and educate home bakers, quality sugar gives a better bake every time.