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Deadpool 2: TVNZ Takeover

Spikes Asia 2018

Use of Brand or Product integration into a Programme or Platform - Bronze

Axis Awards 2018

Creative use of Media Integration - Bronze 

Beacon Awards 2019

Customer Service – Gold

Best Creative Media Idea – Gold

Best Collaboration – Gold

How do you make the New Zealand public aware that the 'Merc with the mouth' is back in a sequel? YOU LET HIM HIJACK TVNZ! 


Opening weekend is vital to the success of any blockbuster film and Deadpool 2 was up against two of the biggest blockbuster titles of the same genre.  


Help Deadpool 2 be bigger than Deadpool 1, the highest grossing R-rated movie ever! 


We looked deep to find parallels with the Deadpool character and our local audience. Deadpools attitude and irreverence is a way to connect with the 'young rebel' in all of us - giving us license to break the mould.



Integrate the irreverence of Deadpool into the most serious of contexts to bring alive his nonconformist character. Leverage media platforms to disrupt the status quo and behave differently to cut-through.


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