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Hopt and Project Runway NZ


Viewers reached in episode 1 on TVNZ 2 (AP 18-39)


lift in sales across the series


impressions on the TVNZ OnDemand Showpage

Source: Höpt soda sales records, Google Analytics, 13+, Arianna 01.10.18 – 17.12.2018 Consolidated TVNZ2, TVNZ2+ Google Analytics 1 October 2018 to 19 January 2019.

How do you launch a new ‘Non-Usual’ brand positioning? Use expressive individuals who do interesting things on the main stage! 


Hopt had low brand awareness and previous marketing had focused solely on bottle shots, leaving little room to showcase its unique personality. In a saturated category Hopt needed to get noticed. 

The Brief:

Inject personality into the Hopt soda brand and launch the new ‘Non-Usual’ brand positioning.


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Research identified a specific audience of adults who were comfortable in their own skin, knew their own shortcomings and quirks and embraced them.  Hopt isn’t like other soda’s and neither are the people that drink them, they were unique individuals.  


Launch Hopt’s ‘Non-Usual’ brand positioning in a creative and interesting way by leveraging a diverse group real people who do interesting things.