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My Kitchen Rules and Simplot

Weekly sales grew


following the launch of the TVC on My Kitchen Rules NZ

In-store sampling resulted in


increase in sales compared to a normal sampling campaign

Five tastes reached


New Zealander’s 25 – 54

Source: Arianna 7th October – 9th December 2018, Consolidated TVNZ2, Simplot.



In a saturated market, Five Tastes is in competition with brands who have over 100 years of history. So how do you differentiate them and make them stand out from other cooking sauces? 


Help launch a new product into the cooking sauce aisle. 


Analysis shows that dinner planning is often an unfocused last-minute action. This means there is little opportunity to introduce a new brand meaning consumers automatically default to familiar brands. Consumers are looking for authenticity and can easily spot a gimmick due to their previous dining experiences. With competitors overusing the word ‘authentic’, we needed to find a new way to communicate this important message. 



To go beyond the 5pm panic and appeal to consumers in places where they are seeking inspiration and cooking advice.

The Asian cuisine scene is constantly evolving and new is being defined on a weekly basis, so we needed to position ourselves with people or properties that are also evolving themselves. 

Signal authenticity without needing to state it. 


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