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Goodman Fielder – Baking for Better

Edmonds and Chelsea Sugar have been treasured pantry staples in Kiwi homes for well over 140 years. However, despite such a powerful legacy, modern lifestyles have changed and baking was in decline. We needed to grow brand love by highlighting how baking  is so much more than simply filling our stomachs. People are always at the heart of baking, it’s about who you bake for, and how it leaves others feeling.

The pandemic had put tremendous pressure on families so helping those desperately needing support offered a unique opportunity to have both a meaningful dialogue and highlight the feel-good nature of baking. Edmonds and Chelsea joined up with one of NZ’s biggest and most credible charities The Salvation Army and  “Baking for Better” was born.

Working with Seven Sharp we created a unique “first to market” integration that enabled the ability to control the narrative and gain the association and trust the show delivered.

Hilary Barry, an avid baker, came on board to star in her first ever brand ambassador role in our 8-part “Baking for Better” TV ‘show’, which saw her share her favourite Edmonds and Chelsea inspired recipes in the kitchen and all for a good cause.

At a time when the NZ community was in desperate need of support, we did just that, not only exceeding brand objectives and sales but reminding NZ of the emotional gesture behind baking by giving back to a community in need as thousands rushed online to donate.