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TVNZ OnDemand Specs and Deadlines


General Info

  • If requested creative materials do not meet the specifications expressed below, TVNZ will be unable to commence the campaign (applicable for all advertising).
  • All HTML5 creative is to be 3rd party hosted with an adserving tag provided.
  • All video creative must be no louder than -24LKFS.
  • All creative specifications are based off the IAB standards which can be viewed here.



  • Standard advertising units must be received no later than 3 working days prior to the commencement of the campaign.
  • Please reach out to your TVNZ Business Manager for advanced video specs, timelines and deadlines.
Alcohol and mature audience advertising restrictions
  • Alcohol video ads will be targeted to viewers no younger than 18 years old with an additional layer of targeting to shows with appropriate content ratings e.g AO
  • Alcohol standard display and Ad on Pause ads will be targeted to viewers no younger than 18 years old and time targeted between 2030 and 0600.
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure all ASA/ LAPPS alcohol guidelines have been adhered to.
  • Video ads with a CAB classification of M (mature audiences) will receive restrictions in line with TVNZ OnDemand alcohol guidelines as outlined above across both video and display formats. Where a CAB classification is not available it is at the discretion of TVNZ if mature rating restrictions must be put in place. Frequency capping will be applied for video ads classified M; the level of frequency capping required to be decided by TVNZ in consultation with the client upon review of the campaign-specific video creative.
  • TVNZ does not accept vaping advertising across the network.


Video Specs

Display Specs

Advanced Video Specs

If you’d like to discuss bespoke solutions please contact your TVNZ Business Manager. 


TVNZ OnDemand Show Sponsorship

  • TVNZ Show Sponsorship gives you a unique opportunity to align your brand with an individual show
  • See the link below for the full show sponsorship specs
  • For specs specific to your sponsorship please contact your TVNZ Project Manager

Digital Sponsorship Specs 


Sponsorship Assets by Device