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Attention study with Professor Karen Nelson-Field  

Why is attention important? Without human attention there is no advertising impact.

In today’s modern world, consumers have countless devices and platforms to consume media, making the decision of where to put your advertising dollars even harder.   

So, how do you know whose paying attention and absorbing your branded messages? And how do TVNZ platforms compare to other video platforms?  

We wanted to know more, so we partnered with Amplified Intelligence on a large attention study in the NZ Market.  Professor Karen Nelson-Field herself shared the results to over 300 clients in Auckland and Wellington.  

If you missed it, a video recording of the Auckland session is available below. Before watching the video, we recommend familiarising yourself with the research methodology.


If you and your team want to learn more, reach out to your TVNZ Sales Rep to book in a session. 

Full Event Video

Introduction: Background & Measurement

Fun Fact 1: While distraction is normal, the distribution of distraction/attention can differ by platform.

Why? Because "TVNZ doesn’t have an attention decay issue like most scrollable formats".

Fun Fact 2: A flatter distribution means that longer ads do give you more attention.

Why? Because attention distribution levels are flatter on TVNZ platforms, viewer attention remains relatively consistent across different ad lengths. When you advertise on TVNZ, the amount of attention seconds actually increases as your ad length increases.

Fun Fact 3: A flatter distribution is important for brand growth.

Why? Because more active attention is good for brand building. There’s a relationship between active attention and days in memory. When watching ads, memory starts to kick in around the 2.5 second mark, this is really important for mental availability. Building a brand is more efficient on TVNZ because the branded moments are more likely to be seen (and remembered) by more people, more often.

Fun Fact 4: Engaged viewers of content translates to engaged viewers of the ads.

Why? Viewing is divided into Default Viewing: including active, passive and non-attention, then there's Engaged Viewing: a subset of those people who WANT to watch. The key takeout is that TVNZ has the highest proportion of engaged viewers in the NZ market. With engaged viewers on TVNZ+ paying attention to 58% of the ads!

Fun Fact 5: Creative has the opportunity to shine more when attention time and creative is strong.

Why? Attention Elasticity is the range of attention seconds possible under different platforms conditions. This forms the attention opportunity for creative. When thinking attention, think ‘platform first’! 

Great creative is absolutely key, but how it drives attention is dependent on the platform that you’re advertising on. Creative has a better opportunity to ‘shine’ on TVNZ platforms, because the potential range of attention is greater.