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Instruction and material deadlines

Material instructions are to be delivered to TVNZ at least three working days prior to the first scheduled broadcast. They should be delivered to TVNZ via Telecopy or an agreed matching excel format. TVNZ will not be responsible for incorrect advertisement broadcast if instructions are not received in that format.

Advertising material (in its final CAB approved transmission form), must be delivered to and received by TVNZ at least two working days before the first scheduled broadcast. New advertisements must be supplied by electronic delivery via Peach or Adstream. 


Variable Duration Advertisement Rates

  • Durations over 30 seconds are only available nationally or on application regionally.
  • Multiple advertisements for one advertiser in a break need to comprise of different creative.
  • Durations over 90 seconds may be subject to placement restrictions.

Trading Demographics

TVNZ will trade with Advertisers on the following commercial demographics. For all bookings advertisers must select at least one recognised Trading Demographic:

Fixed Break & Fixed Position within Break

Unless a spot has been purchased at the applicable surcharge, all other spot times provided on client holdings/spot lists are indicative only and subject to scheduling movements at TVNZ’s discretion.

Note: break fixing not available on DUKE or regionally.