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Another Five Celebs Headed for the Sandy Shores of CTI

5 August 2022

Cam Mansel, Cassie Roma, Dylan Schmidt, Elvis Lopeti and Melodie Robinson were today announced as the next group of castaways added to the star-studded line-up of celebrities joining TVNZ 2’s upcoming Celebrity Treasure Island.  Host of ZM’s Late Show, Cam Mansel is one of the country’s much-loved radio personalities. With a game plan to be as helpful as ever to his teammates, can Cam smooth-talk his way into an alliance that sees him through to the end for his charity, Music Helps? 

The winner of the Bronze medal in men’s gymnastic trampolining at the Tokyo 2020 games, Olympian Dylan Schmidt is no stranger to challenges, and will not be jumping out of the competition without putting up a good fight for his charity, The Special Olympics NZ.  

Dancer and TikTok star, Elvis Lopeti potentially sashays to Celebrity Treasure Island armed with insider knowledge, as the best friend of 2021’s finalist, Lance Savali. You better believe Elvis will be keeping that intel to himself, as he heads into the game to give his absolute all for Sisters United Trust.  

As a proud YanKiwi, having lived in New Zealand for over 18 years, businesswoman Cassie Roma is heading into the game in the full knowledge this is not a time to relax on the beach or frolic in the waves, she’s in it to win it for her charity, Make A Wish. 

Former Black Fern, Melodie Robinson is one of the most high-profile sportswomen to play rugby for New Zealand. A real team player, with a penchant for tackling, just who will Mel play alongside and who will she take down to win money for The Rugby Foundation? 

Cam, Cassie, Dylan, Elvis and Melodie join Alex King, Courtenay Louise, Guy Montgomery, Karen O’Leary, Mike King, Perlina Lau, Ron Cribb, Shimpal Lelisi, Siobhan Marshall, Dame Susan Devoy and Te Kohe Tuhaka, who were all announced earlier in the week.  

Celebrity Treasure Island is coming soon to TVNZ 2 and TVNZ+.