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Bombay - Stir Creativity 

Bombay Sapphire’s leadership position was under attack, with new, local competitors attempting to attract younger consumers thirsty for a versatile gin that encouraged their creativity.

To help localise Bombay and recruit new gin drinkers we created “Stir your Creativity”, a premium TVNZ sponsorship experience that had meaning and cultural connection with young kiwis. An Ondemand content belt showcased new and creative programmes; arts, documentaries, drama, local and global shows.

This delivered an innovative, platform sponsorship that cut through and excited new and existing customers with a relevant and engaging in-home experience. We also developed a media first, co-branded eDM to generate awareness and clicks throughs to the content.

Linear played a key role, helping us maintain and grow existing customers while driving mass reach and scale of the collection on TVNZ+ with first time leverage of the TVNZ+ content belt through on-air TVCs running across TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 2 during the campaign.

With global assets not being relevant, fresh creative was created by Blacksand, Utilising the distinctive Bombay blue alongside Kiwiana icons to capture the minds and hearts of Kiwi whilst being creative and encouraging consumers to think differently.

It was the first time Bombay had re-engaged in mass media advertising, creating a media partnership and recruiting a younger target market with record success.