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TVNZ Digital Update October 2023

In this episode:

  • TVNZ+ Reach & Streams
  • TVNZ+ Reaches Over 1.25 Million Kiwis On Average Each Week
  • The Numbers Keep Growing: Live Streaming on TVNZ+
  • Who's Watching and How?
  • Most Watched Content: October
  • Most Watched Content: AP 18-34
  • Most Watched Content: AP 25-54
  • TVNZ+ October Movie Wrap-Up
  • TVNZ+ October Launch Highlights
  • We’ve launched more Sport & Events, with all-summer-long entertainment
  • TVNZ's Summer of Sport
  • ...And More in 2024
  • TVNZ+ Activate
  • TVNZ+ Activate Product Highlight: Audience Match
  • Audience Amplifier Profile: ‘News and Current Affairs’
  • Announcing: TVNZ+ iCTV Video Selector
  • TVNZ+ Staff Picks
  • Brand New Arrivals on TVNZ+
  • Coming Soon to TVNZ+
  • 1News Online: The Numbers in October
  • 1News Sponsored Content
  • Opportunity: 1News Sponsored Content
  • Introducing an All-New 'Life' Section + More Changes to!
  • Re: The Shakedown
  • Appendix
  • Weekly Streams in October
  • Weekly Live Stream Reach in October
  • Weekly Live Streams in October
  • 1News Online: The Numbers in October