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How to Change Behaviours and Make Them Stick 2021

In last 18 months the world has changed and we are not going back to the way we were before. What hasn’t changed is human nature.

Our job as marketers is to get people to change their habits in order to buy or choose a product or service.

So, how do you get inside people’s heads? Well, you can only really do this well if you understand people’s behaviour. And guess what, brains are complex things and there isn’t one golden ticket to changing people’s habits. There are different triggers for different people.

In this Forecast Series we’ll dive into some of the ways people form habits and then how they change habits.

We've done a comprehensive study on Social Behaviour Change advertising that shows examples of these differences.


Below is a link to a pre-reading for the video. Please take 10 minute to read this before you watch, it will give you context into the methodology which is the foundation of the research we embarked on for Forecast 8:

Download Pre-reading


You can download the full presentation below:

Download PDF


Below you can watch the full virtual Forecast video:

Full Event Video

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